Preparation for Fulltiming

I am starting to work up a list of things that I need to get done prior to moving into the Van. The list is growing at a suprising rate considering I have been away in the van for 5 weeks before. Some of these jobs have been on the list for a year and I just haven’t got round to it and others are new.

Anyway here is the list so far.

  • Fit Water Filter – I already have the NaturePure system with tap
  • Fit SOG – I already have this but haven’t fitted it yet. I may have an alternative.
  • Clear the roof down removing old fittings that are no longer used and drill out the old satelite system cable entry points
  • Fit new Alden NetMaster Satelite internet system
  • Purchase Straps to tie driver and passenger door together when parked. Just a little bit of added security.
  • Purchase a 12V rechargeable Torch. This will be mounted next to Hab door and connected to the 12V system so I alway have a torch that works.
  • UnderSlung LPG Tank – This is the one job I won’t be doing myself. It needs to be under 46Kg so that I can get on the Channel Tunnel ok.
  • I am looking at a mascerator system that replaces the Thetford C200 cassette. This will pump directly into a Black Waste tank which I will purchase from CakTanks


Most of these items speak for themselves but the Mascerator will probably need some explaining. My Thetford cassette usually lasts me 2-4 days which is a pain when wild camping. This limitation is the initial reason I looked at a self build into which I was going to fit a full RV style system. I can’t retrofit the Thetford C-250 system which includes a mascerator as it is bigger and the current system is mounted directly above the wheel wells.

The “mascerator system” simply slides into the same slot the thetford cassette goes into. I will then drill a hole in the side of the cassette box to take the small bore pipe down into a black tank I will fit into the underfloor space. I will probably have to put some kind of pump system in place and a hose reel but those details can be worked out a little nearer when I am ready to start on the job.

I will be posting a full installation log with photographs of the instalation process for the water filter, SOG, Alden Netmaster and the Mascerator if I go that route.

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