Scary Moment with Horse

I was having a nice pleasant kip this afternoon when I was woken by a lot of strange noise.  I got up to find a horse right next to my door.

I have been introduced to this young (3 year old) horse before and he got a bit excitable with me which scared me somewhat.  I decided to stay in my van this time….

There is an electric fence all the way round his field which he had managed to drag onto the campsite snapping one of the 8 inch fence posts and pulling 2 others over.

How he had managed it I don’t know.

Anyway after 5 minutes a young girl maybe 10 years old came over, told Bobby off, attached a harness and dragged him up to the stables.

This 10 year old girl was braver than this 40 year old man…..  Bobby is almost as tall as my van and twice the height of this girl.

If Bobby had been a meter or two closer he would have hit my van…..

All the other horses were quite excitable for the next half hour or so.

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