Starting to come together

Still at Coningsby and the plans are starting to fall into place now.

Tomorrow I am back to Retford to see my friend at the Autoelectricians to get the cable to fit my B2B charger.  After that I will be driving up to Sheffield to check my mailbox and get my new sim card.  After that it is back to Coningsby.  The drive should total about 4 hours with I hope 45Amps an hour going back into the battery via the newly connected B2B charger.  This should top the batteries back up to full.

Next Thursday it is down to Alcester for a MotorhomeFun Rally this should take 3 hours and again the batteries will be fully charged by this.  By the time I see my next hookup I will have been without for 18 days and I don’t have my solar panel yet.  If this works out ok I will put the genny and solar panels right to the bottom of my list of things to buy.

The compressor fridge turns out to have been a fantastic move as well as the dumbest purchase I have ever made.  From a power point of view it is brilliant.  Next time I buy a fridge though I will check the measurements…..

Update tomorrow on how the B2B system works out.

Oh, forgot to mention.  If I have time the Nasa battery monitor will get connected tomorrow as well.

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