Starting to get this years plans together

Things are starting to come together now.

I am going to be setting off on Monday to do a 3 week loop through North Lincolnshire.  I will be popping in to see a few friends and popping by Magnum Motorhomes at Grimsby to get some parts.  It is then on to Lincoln for a Dentist appointment.   I will be getting my MOT in the 2nd week and this will dictate where I need to be for the week or so after.  Then back to Retford for some beers with friends.

I have decided to remove the double front passenger seats and fit a secure storage locker in its place as I am a little short on storage space.  This will be for low value items only however.

I have ordered the brackets to fit my satellite internet dish.  This will go on the back door and can fold away when not in use or traveling.  Once I have this installed it means I can get off to Europe whenever I want without any concerns about internet access.

I have the new design for the wardrobe boiler area all done now and if finances allow I will do this before I set off.  If not it will be a job for next year.  It will cost me about £600 to do but will give me more storage space and another worktop for cooking on.

Anyway that’s it for now.  More when I start moving.

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