Still jobs left to do, total lack of motivation. 1

Whilst I am stuck here looking after mother I thought I would get a load of jobs done.  The last 3 weeks my tooth has got worse and worse and totally demotivated me.  On top of that with parts not arriving or missing my motivation seems to have gone south for the winter without me.

I really need to finish fitting the Gaslow system but that requires the screws which were the wrong size (again).  An 8 mm adapter for the regulator.  No one seems to have them in stock or if they do seem to be incapable of delivering them.  I now have a bunch of adapters that will allow me to fit it but both are bodges in my opinion and I don’t want to bodge this job just to have to do it again later.  This means that I am working off one cylinder which ran out in the night so a cold night ensued.

My shoulder is playing up again so I am paying one of the lads from the local pub to do the manual parts of the last deadlock install,  we ran out of daylight so only got the first hole cut.

I have not had a beer in 10 days and can’t have one till Sunday.   That’s not too bad on it’s own but means I can’t go to the pub either.  I know I would be tempted….  Looking forward to getting back to the pub for some social time.

I can’t plan my next move or where to go for Christmas until mothers hip has recovered enough so that I am happy to get off and leave her to fend for herself again….  I am looking at the weather forecast and it looks like I am ok till the end of this month though.  I don’t mind helping her but I do miss moving around every week or so.

I have just re-read the above and WOW!!!  I can whinge with the best of them ……

On the upside.  Tonight 19:50 I am at the dentist and fingers crossed will cure my toothache once and for all…  I will be back to my cheerful self then if a few quid lighter.

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One thought on “Still jobs left to do, total lack of motivation.

  • Darren

    Hi Karl

    I hope you’ve found your motivation and got back into the van. My last conversion took a long time to complete, and I lost focus at times.

    The last 2 times I have left home on a trip my dad has been in hospital, but now he is fine.

    Hope you’re feeling better today