Stratford Upon Avon

I have just left Stratford upon Avon which is a beautiful town and well worth a visit.  I didn’t manage to get any photo’s but I am sure a quick google will give you a much better range of photos than I could ever take with my pocket camera.  The show itself was disappointing consisting of about 3 rows of stalls.  However the Motorhome Fun gang were there is full force and were great company as always.  Much fun was had.

The sad bit of news was that it was JJ’s last UK meet so we will now have to trundle over to Portugal if we want to see him again.

I have to say the people of Stratford have overdone the Shakespeare thing just a bit.  Everything was Shakespeare this Shakespeare that or mentions of his characters.  You couldn’t go 2 yards without seeing something related to the old boy.  The town though is really beautiful especially when it’s sunny.

I also went to the Butterfly Farm which was amazing.  Seeing such glorious creatures up close (2 inches close) and personal was a fantastic experience.

On Tuesday I fitted the solar panel.  The output was pretty good up to 4.5 Amps but it was fairly cloudy.

On Wednesday I got offered a consultancy job.  No hookup to run my main computer so thursday I took a drive to Coventry to buy a generator from MachineMart.  £286 for a 1KW Inverter generator was a great bargain.

I hate generators but this one has paid for itself pretty much straight away.  The job got done on friday and Saturday and covered the Cost of the gennie in full.

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