Tatershall Lakes

I couldn’t get booked into any of the sites I would usually go to and in desperation phoned Tatershall lakes to find out how much they charge.  At £7 a night I thought it was worth a punt.

I have now been here 2 hours and I have had none stop reminders why I only stop on adult only CL’s.

Currently I have 2 kids playing tennis right in front of my van which has been hit 3 times already by them.  Their parents have sent them away from their caravan to play and rather than going to the large empty field have decided to play right in front of me.  I am trying to read and all I can hear is the eldest ones cursing and mickey taking.  Behind me is a family playing cricket and I have already been hit once by their ball.  I wish they would put the stumps facing the entrance to their tent to see how I feel.

There is a bar here and when I first arrived it sounded like a karaoke set had just started up.  There has been none stop tractors and other vehicles going past.  Bad mouthed parent yelling at their kids and a speed boat revving the hell out of it’s engine.

Needless to say after 2 hours I am incredibly pissed off and can’t wait to leave this place.   Fortunately there hasn’t been any barking dogs but I am sure knowing my luck it is only a matter of time.

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