Updated Costs of FullTiming 4

I can now confirm without a doubt that fulltiming is so much cheaper than living in a bricks and mortar house.

If I exclude items that are identical for each such as food, clothing etc.

Living in a house costs;

  • Mortgage or Rent  £500
  • Council Tax £75 (includes 25% single person allowance)
  • Electric £40
  • Gas £50
  • Water and Sewerage £30
  • Building and Contents cover £35 per month

Total costs per month are £730

Living in a Motorhome Costs

  • Gas £60 month in winter,  £14 in summer  Over a year this will be maximum £522 / 12 = £43  This will be cheaper once I get an LPG tank fitted.
  • Campsites £45 per week.  I have only used campsites for about 3 weeks in total over the last 3 months but will include this in the weekly costs £180/month
  • Vehicle insurance £45 per month
  • Diesel I am using 1 tank a month maximum so £60 per month.
  • Launderette £7 per week.

The total is £335.00

This week I have found out I have to replace all 7 tyres on my van, This is going to cost £612.00 but these tyres will last 5 years so that equates to £10.20 per month.  I have not included this in as I had a £350 boiler repair bill on my house.   I have not included vehicle maintenance costs as you have domestic maintenance costs which will be much higher.  Replacing carpets,  cleaning, redecorating, garden fences etc etc.

The £335 I spend per month now is less than I could even rent a tiny house for.  Fulltiming is definately a cheaper way to live for me.

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4 thoughts on “Updated Costs of FullTiming

  • Lynda

    Am thinking of living in my Romahome for a while – but where do you find campsites for only £45/week? Do they tend to be cheaper by the week than by the night?

  • admin Post author

    Hi Lynda, If you are a member of the Caravan club they send you a book with all the sites in it.
    For example I am looking at one now for £4.50 per night which is only £31.50 per week….
    But there is another one just up the road for £4.00 per night which is £28.00 per week no electric for either though I am afraid.
    Please let me know how you get on with living in your Romahome though.

  • Daniel

    Hi Gromett,

    I was wondering whether you’d be able to write an updated costs of fulltiming post for 2013? I’d be interested to see if there are any changes.