Van not starting

Well this looks like the start of an adventure.  The van will turn over but takes forever to start.  Sometimes it even runs the battery flat before starting (even when fully charged)….

I will be attempting the diagnostics and repair myself wherever possible.  I have the diagnostics cable/software on order and hopefully should arrive Saturday.

So far I have a list of suspects.  The lift pump in the diesel tank although working may not be doing enough.  Fortunately I can get a replacement for under £30 and it will take me about an hour or so to replace.

The other two suspects are the crank sensor and the cam sensor.  These are a bit more expensive to replace so will do them one at a time cheapest first.

That said there is reports that corrosion can become dislodged and stick to the sensor which can cause starting issues, so cleaning these and checking the connections will be the first job.

Anyway, the first job is to wait for the diagnostics cable to arrive first and see if the ECU will tell me what the problem is.  Unfortunately my ODB dongle doesn’t work as this van is one year too early…  So an old school ELM 327 cable was required.