Wasted day. Time and money gone with nothing to show.

I travelled 50 miles to Retford today to get my Sterling Battery to Battery charger installed.  This is supposed to put 45amps into the leisure batteries when the engine is running.

While I was there I installed the Nasa BM-1 Power Monitor system.  This worked as advertised and is a pretty good bit of kit (more on this in another post)

After the sterling b2b system was installed I started the engine and left it for 2 minutes then went to look at the battery monitor to see how much power was going into the batteries.   The result was extremely disappointing.  The meter only showed 6.4Amps going into the battery.  Now I initially doubted the meter so ran some tests.  I switched the lights on and these used .5Amps which is about correct.  I then waited for the fridge to switch on and this took 4Amps which again is correct.

I then wondered if the alternator only kicked out enough power when the engine was running above tickover so I asked Andy to rev the engine to 2,000 RPM and hold it there for 60 seconds.  Still no change.

I then got out my multimeter to test the input voltage.  This was at 14.8 Volts and dropped to 13.5 when the engine was switched off.  I then checked that the earth stud was properly earthed and this checked out.  Also the correct LED’s on the unit appeared to be lit.

There was nothing else I could do at this point so I decided to do the other 2 jobs I had to do in Retford.  The two places I needed to go were both closed.  I then went to the garage and filled up with £40 of diesel and drove to Sheffield to get my mail from my mailbox.  Again this was closed….   A 3 hour drive back to Coninsgby later and looked at the battery meter.  Nothing had gone into the battery at all.  So now I have spent £200 today, achieved nothing and still have flat batteries.

Thankfully the shop that my mother lives above has closed so I have been able to get on their car park and plug in for 3 hours to get some power back into the batteries but this is not ideal.  I think the pub is going to get a long visit tonight as I need some beers after today.

I now have to wait until Tuesday to call sterling to see if there is anything that can be done for my B2B unit.  I hope it isn’t a dead one as it will cost me another £350 to get a replacement……

I think I may have to cancel the France trip this year and start my tour next year (3 years later than planned)  I may even need to get a proper job to get the funds back up.

I promise tomorrows post will be more cheery…

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