Weekend in Derbyshire 1

Coopers campsite in Edale:
I turned up early to book and pay for two spots as my friend was picking up his camper.. They don’t allow people to prebook over the phone.

Anyway I turned up. The lady (and I use that term loosely) told me in no uncertain terms that I could only pay for myself. She didn’t know if she could fit me on. My choices were to leave or go on myself and hope my friend could get on when he arrived… He would have been parked no where near me either. She seemed more interested in what sort of vehicle he had than taking our money.

I went down to the car park at the bottom of the hill. While I was waiting a small motorhome came in. It had some interesting graphics on it of the pirates of the caribbean. I got talking to him. Really nice guy. He was thinking about staying on the car park if he couldn’t get onto a campsite. I was really tempted to do the same after my chat with the owner of the campsite as she was rude and didn’t seem to want me or my money.

Anyway. Sean (the guy in the motorhome) went up to coopers and was turned away with the excuse it was full.

When my friend turned up, they insisted we at least try to get on the campsite. We got on. I think there was a bit of snobbery going on which is why Sean was refused and we got on 2 hours later.

Anyway. We were led up to the pitches. I was told which way I could park. I had to have my doors facing down hill due to local planning laws
This meant I was on a downward facing slope and my shower overflowed the door before it got anywhere near the plug hole….

The site itself was crowded and very very noisy.

We went to the pub that night and it kicked out at just after 11pm.. 11pm on a Friday night when the place was full?

Anyway back to the campsite with a couple we met in the pub. We sat outside for a few extra beers. The owner came round with a torch and told us to stop as it was too late. Next morning I was woken at 8am by screaming kids and barking dogs and cars going past my van at speed.

Next morning we upped sticks and left… We had paid for 2 days but it really wasn’t worth staying somewhere we didn’t feel welcome….

Here are two pictures from Coopers before it got busy.


We then drove down to Ashbourne where there was a campsite aimed at tenters and hippy types.

It was brilliant. The welcome was effusive. We were given a choice of fields. The noisey one with late parties. The normal one and the quiet one where music had to be turned off at 9 and no generators are allowed.

We chose the quiet one.

We stopped at the top of the hill overlooking a valley that must have been 30 miles end to end. Brilliant view. We shared the field with horses, Sheep, fowl and a young bull.

The Animals were curious and came across for fusses and a sniff around.

The bull was amazing. It was just over waist height tall and behaved more like a dog than a bull. It loved it’s ears and under its neck being scratched. And insisted on using Phils back as a rubbing post. The sheep after seeing the bull getting a fuss ALL came across and started sniffing over the table and putting their noses into the vans. I went across to say hello to the horses and one of them decided it liked me and followed me around for the next hour. Gitte got freaked out by the animals as they were not backward in coming forward. The horses especially as they were so big
It was funny watching her panic. Phil and me just sat there and let them slobber over us and gave them the odd push when they got too friendly.

We had a BBQ that night and then lit an open fire. We watched the sun going down, had a few beers and gave the animals a fuss when they came over. What a fantastic night…

The edale campsite charged me £12 a night plus a £5 deposit.. No idea what the deposit was for? The Ashbourne site charge £5 a night flat rate.

I will be going back to the Ashbourne site again and again….

Here is the view from my van,  Later we had the campfire and watched the sun go down over this.

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