What a Day!!

Was up at 4am this morning doing some server stuff. Had a phone call at 5am for an hour. Then in no particular order. Loads of phone calls incoming, Organising the Decorator who had come to spruce the kitchen up. Dropped the van down to the Autoelectrical place to get some work done that I don’t have time to do. Run the Decorator around a bit. More phone calls. A Meeting with the bank. Sorted some tickets out and did some paperwork that is overdue. Dropped the Decorator off home, Had to fight the traffic as it was school kicking out time and a Friday. Got back just in time to get a phone call to let me know the Van was ready. Just as I was leaving the Carpet guy called to say he was on his way. I asked him to give me 45 minutes while I picked the Van up. Litterally jogged across town to the AutoElectrical place. They had done a great job. Back home fighting traffic all the way. Carpet guy did his stuff 🙂 More Support Tickets and a cup of tea 🙂

It’s not over yet……

All this so I can sell the house and go fulltiming >.<

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