What a Day….

Went for the MOT this morning and it failed on multiple items.  Got at least £300 worth of work to do on it….

Got back to the campsite and some arse had pinched my hard standing and refused to move….  They were quite strident about having booked it 6 weeks before.  I said I had been there a week already and had just popped out for shopping.  I can’t go on the Grass as it is very soggy and I need to be off at 08:30 either thur or fri and can’t afford to be stuck.  The garage is giving me a shout when they get a free slot on the lift for the welding.

I then went to fill up with water.  I had just got the hose connected up and running when said arse comes across with one of these aqua roll things and asked if they could get some water.  I was not my usual polite self and said something like “Of course you can,  After I have finished” and turned my back on them….

On the upside.  Second fill of Gas,  this time a full tank and it was only £12 compared to the £27 I would have paid for the FloGas swap…  So in under a week I have saved £30 so far with the Gaslow system.

Other good news is although I need 4 new tyres the garage I went to can do me £60 ish +vat each which includes fitting.  About £300 for a full set of boots…

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