iPad Vs Netbook?

I have been looking at getting a netbook for sometime now but have been holding off hoping for a perfectly specced ION version.  With the Netbooks being slammed by Steve Jobs at the launch of the iPad I thought I would do a quick comparison to see if they are worth getting.

Description Netbook (Samsung NC10) Apple iPad
Size 10.28″ X 7.3″ 1.19″ 9.56″ X 7.47″ X 0.5″
Resolution 1024 x 600 1024 X 768
Memory 1GB upgradeable to 2GB Unknown at this time not upgradable
Storage 160GB 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
USB Ports 3 0
Multitasking YES NO
Camera YES NO
WiFi YES Option
3G Option (via USB) Option
Windows 7 YES NO
Linux YES NO
Android YES NO
Chrome OS YES NO
Battery Life 8 Hours 10 Hours
Support for DIVX, mpeg, avi, theora YES Some
Flash Support YES NO
Price £249 $499 (uk price probably £499 possibly £449)
Replaceable battery YES NO
Touch Screen NO YES
KeyBoard YES Optional (separate)

Biased Table?  probably.

I just don’t see a use for it to be honest.  It is very very nice and looks very slick.  But it cannot replace any of the following which I use.

  • phone
  • iPod
  • blackberry
  • laptop/netbook
  • desktop
  • tv
  • ebook (sony PRS-505)

If it could replace 2 of the above devices or do what any of them did but better I would have bought one.  But it just doesn’t fit anywhere within my needs and I am not spending close to £500 on something that maybe nice but would see little if any use past the initial excitement phase.

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