iPhone and iPod Touch currency tool

I need to know the £/$ rate usually at least once a day. Until now I used an online tool but thought wouldn’t it be good if I could just look at my iPod touch.

I tried both the currency converters from the iTunes app store but both were ruled out. I then did the usual with google and found that you can use the stock ticker to get up to date currency information.

Heres how

  • Click on Stocks
  • Click on the ‘i’ at the bottom right of your screen
  • Click the + symbol
  • enter AAABBB=x into the search box. where AAA is the source currency and BBB is the destination currency. for example GBPUSD=x or GBPEUR=x
  • Click Search and add it.

Now I have both Euros and USD on my Stock list. Very handy.

Please note you will obviously need to be connected to the net for this to work as it is live information. I use the built in WiFi to connect.

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