Mobile Satelite Internet New Option 7

I just visited the IPCopter website and found they now offer an automated dish solution

Prior to seeing this my two options were a Alden Sat Net at £3,000 or a BeyonDSL fixed dish solution for £350.

The new one from IPCopter has 2 systems.  The original one doesn’t look brilliant from an engineering point of view and is not FULLY automatic.  However it can be roof mounted and remotely operated which saves having to find storage space inside for the BeyonDSL system.

The Second V2 model looks much better and is only €100 more.  So €1195 for the satellite dish LNB/Controller and TV receiver + €695 for the Satellite kit which includes 100 Days of access.  If we use £1.10 as the currency conversion this will be £1718 for the complete system but this includes TV access as well.

This falls somewhere between the full manual option that beyonDSL offers and the full Alden system with TV (£3299).  To set it up it appears you have to point it roughly east and it will then go into search mode and scan the sky until it finds the satellite.  I am guessing this will take some time.  The Alden system has a GPS and Electronic compass built in so will find the satellite much quicker.

I think this a system who’s compromises suite my budget and needs perfectly.

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7 thoughts on “Mobile Satelite Internet New Option

  • Jason

    Hi Gromett

    Thanks for this, looks like a great compromise to the Alden system. I can’t really see from the IPCopter website what the difference is between the V1 and V2 kit, can you tell?

    Cheers, Jason

  • Gromett Post author

    It looks like the mount is more solid on the V2 to me. The V1 looks a little flimsy?

  • Gromett Post author

    The locking ring is missing also, seems to be built into the handle itself.

  • Jason

    I’d be very interested to hear if you buy this system, how hard it is to install and what the service is like technically and from the staff? Cheers, Jason

  • Gromett Post author

    I will be getting one of these and will post my review after. It may be a month or two as I have to save up a little first.