More On DVD’s

I have now backed up more than 100 DVD’s.   2 things that may be of interest to anyone else wanting to do this.

The average size of a DVD backed up using handbrake is 1.4Gb.

The second is hard disk space.  If you are going to be backing up TV series then you will need quite a bit of space.  What I am going to be using is a Brando style Dock and purchasing some 1TB hard drives from Sphinx computers.  1 hard disk will hold all my films easily and I will purchase additional ones for TV series as I buy the DVD Sets.

For example, NCIS Season 1 took 14.6 GB and there are 7 seasons so far.  24 has 24 episodes per season and 8 seasons so far, Season 7 took 21GB.  I can fit all of it on 1 hard drive at the moment but will fill it very quickly so I think splitting them now will be easier and quicker.

I was thinking of using SDHC cards but at £50 for 32GB it would cost me a fair amount of money to do it.  Using the bare Sata Hard drives and the Brando dock means I can expand the system as much as I want adding an extra 1TB for around £60 a time.

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