New computer set up in the design stages

I won’t list my current setup but needless to say it is not ideal for fulltiming.  What I really need are the following.

  • Compact but powerful desktop system for when I am on hookup with wifi (so I can play World of Warcraft)
  • A small but usable laptop/nettop
  • A small server for development work.

Just kidding about the world of warcraft kind of.  I have finally come up with the perfect setup for mobile operation, details after the break

For my Desktop system I am looking at a Shuttle SG21G2 This is a nice compact system that supports the latest Intel processors.  Suitable for driving a media center for watching TV and DVD’s on.  This will power the monitor which will be fitted on a swivel arm to my work area.  It can be rotated round so it faces the seating area.

For my Laptop I am going to be getting a NetTop possibly the Asus EeePC.  I will be installing a custom version of Linux on it that I will compile from scratch so it only has the drivers in it I need and the software I need.  I was looking at using a small but fast OS like Menuet but unfortunately it doesn’t support 3G or WiFi drivers so not practical for everyday use.

For the development server I am really excited about the LinuTop 3 This uses only 20Watts or I may go with the baby LinuTop 2 which only uses 8Watts.  The 8Watt one would be better but I need to ensure it is up to the small jobs I need it to do for me.

I think with this setup I will be covered fully for all my needs and won’t have to upgrade for quite some time.

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