Nokia N900

I currently have a small Orange phone on contract, An orange Dongle and a Blackberry on O2.  It is a bit of a nightmare to manage and my normal phone is starting to get frayed around the edges and O2 Keep messing up the Blackberry billing.

I decided enough was enough and bought myself a Nokia N900.  This has a data plan as well as the voice and can be tethered to my computer to give it internet access.  By cutting out all the above phones I am saving over £50 a month and the new plan is only £20 a saving of £30 a month.

The big advantage is I only have to carry one device around now.  I have been playing with it for 12 hours and the only thing lacking was contact grouping but this was fixed by a free app.

So far I found this to be a much better device than the iPhone.  The iPhone was slick but failed on so many levels.  The N900 took a little getting used to but is rapidly becoming a good friend.

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