Orange 3G dongle on Linux 4

I have not attempted this before, but I wanted to take my laptop into town. In the van I have a full size desktop which dual boots windows XP and Linux.
I use the Laptop running linux via a wifi router normally and use the Orange 3G on my desktop under windows when not near a WiFi hotspot.

Anyway, my attempt to use an orange 3G Dongle on Linux.
1) Plug it in

Erm.  That’s it.  It just worked.  none of that faffing about waiting for windows to find each device and wanting to install drivers.  It just worked.  Why am I surprised?

I am surprised because I use Linux mainly for servers and not for desktop use.  I remember my last attempts at Linux on the desktop meant loads of work with video and sound card drivers for hardware that was really popular.  I expected a brand new 3G USB modem to be tricky.  Wow,  I am shell shocked and it kind of makes this article a little pointless.

So there you have it.  Getting Orange 3G on a linux laptop,  plug it in.

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4 thoughts on “Orange 3G dongle on Linux

  • simon

    what paticular type of 3G dongle was it (assuming there are many different types from Orange) and which Linux are you using ?

  • admin Post author

    This was on Ubuntu 8.10 using orange on a HUAWEI E160E dongle. I am not a reviewer of hardware so don’t have a selection to test so when it just worked I was happy..

  • Andy

    Hi – I am writing this on a Toshiba laptop using Ubuntu 10.04 and connecting via Orange Huawei E1753 dongle. I got this up & running using the menu choices:\System – Preferences – Network Connections – Mobile Broadband.

    No. = *99#
    Username = user
    Password = Pass
    APN = orangeinternet

    ! tick the box to connect automatically

    Make sure (in my case) that laptop wireless is turned off to force browser etc to use mobile.

    Seems OK!

  • Gromett Post author

    Strange that you had to do more than me. For me it just worked without having to do anything. Still your route was simpler than on windows still 🙂