Sony PRS-505 eReader

I bought one of these for the sole purpose of taking a number of books on holiday with me. I had no plans to use it as my main reading medium as I love books too much. However, the more I used it the more in love I have become with the technology. Here are some key points.

  • The screen is very easy to read in most lights.
  • The Battery life is nothing short of impressive.
  • The user interface is pretty good but could do with some additional features.
  • The software is confusing and not versatile enough
  • Once loaded with books it is a very easy to use device.

Any way onto the review

The Software

The software which I have only had to use once luckily is not clear and is difficult to operate in my opinion. However at the end of the day after some persiverence it is possible to get your books loaded onto the device. Don’t expect much utility from the collections facility as it is very basic.

The Hardware

This is an impressive bit of kit. After reading two books on the device while away I decided to only buy ebooks in future. The device is light and easy to hold. When reading in bed you don’t have to use both hands to keep the pages open. It is not backlit so you don’t suffer from eye strain and I find I can read it longer than an ordinary book. It also removes that other niggle with real books, when I put a book down I either have to find a book mark or I leave it lying face down. The number of times I have lost a bookmark or knocked a face down book off the shelf and lost my page…. This is no longer an issue with the ereader. I just put it down and can immediately start reading at the same page when I pick it up again.

I am now of the opinion after holding out against ebooks that their time has come. Book availability is improving all the time and the quality of the screen is brilliant. Unlike my experimental run in with the Apple iPhone this one has got me converted to a new way of working.

There are quite a few good reviews our there so have decided not to rehash my own version but to provide links to the best I have found so far.

Thoughts By Ted, Good Review compares the Sony and the Amazon Kindle and comments on DRM

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