USB Memory Sticks, SD Cards and backups

When you work across multiple computers keeping track of your data can be a real nuisance. I have a main desktop computer, and large laptop and a small laptop.

I use the large desktop when at home/office, The large laptop goes with me when I am going anywhere for more than a day. The little laptop goes with me whenever I leave the house.

Keeping the relevent data synched across these is a bit of a pain. I generally use a USB stick and save directly to them when using the laptops and then transfer this to the main system later.

I quite like the size of the SD cards and with 32GB ones available now they are a practical replacement for SD cards and external USB hard drives. The Camera I am looking at uses SD cards unlike my current one which uses Compact Flash. I am thinking along the lines of getting

  • 16GB SD Card for my music collection (iTunes) My library currently stands at 8GB
  • 32GB SD Card for My Pictures, this should be enough to see me a couple of years.
  • 32GB SD Card for My Development work
  • 32GB SD Card for my other documents and notes (spreadsheets letters etc)
  • 4GB SD Card for my ebook, This can stay in my Sony eBook unless I want to transfer a book onto it.

With me moving into the Truck I have to reduce space usage down dramatically. I have imported all my CD’s into iTunes. Books I buy in future will all be in eBook format (no DRM I hope). This just leaves my DVD Collection. I am in two minds here. I can either have a large NAS storage box and put them on all there or I can put them onto SD Cards. As I have 200 odd DVD’s the SD card method will prove expensive. The 8GB SD cards are cheapest per GB and they would fit on either 2 or 3 DVD’s on each one at £6.00 a piece this would be a very expensive method. Even more so when some of those DVD’s are box sets such as 24. Dabs has this 1TB NAS box with WiFi built in which I am considering. I will also get one of these for when the computer I am on doesn’t have an SDHC Port.

The plan is to not take any books, CD’s or DVD’s into my Truck leaving me a lot more space for real essentials and comfort. I will put these items into storage but still want access to them from my Truck. The music side was easy to resolve, The books were a little harder but the DVD’s are proving to be the biggest struggle due to the sheer size of the data.

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