Welcome to  This is my blog covering my experiences of fulltiming and the process of converting a Bus and a Van into a Motorhome suitable for living in full time.

Here is the old van and the new (to me) Bus.

My 1st and 2nd Vehicles for fulltiming.

Fulltiming first vehicle

The first vehicle is the one on the right in the above picture.  This was a Eura Mobil 770HS and was a fantastic van but the layout was designed for 4-7 people.  As a single guy it was not well laid out for my purposes.

Fulltiming second vehicle

The second one which I just called “The Bus” is an Optare Metrorider with a 5.9 Litre Cummins Series B engine with Automatic Transmission.  It first saw service in 1996 for Go Northern Bus Company in the North east.  It has since been a Race Bus and then used by a bunch of Australians for touring.  I have ripped all the internals out and started from scratch.  To see all my posts regarding this process go to the Self Build Category or click here

Fulltiming third vehicle.

I am currently living in a converted Fiat Ducato Panel van.  This van has been through a couple of rebuilds which were done in stages.  It is still not a perfect layout for me but was miles better than the previous 2.

My future fulltiming plans

I am now planning my 4th van which I hope will last me 6-10 years.  I am looking at an Iveco 5,000Kg van which will be 1 metre longer than my current one which will allow much more versatility in the design process.  I aim to start posting my design plans on this shortly.  I am also hoping to be able to travel a bit more this year finally so expect more posts on the travel side.