3Days in

After having packed the house at the last minute I ended up having to box everything I was taking with me and just sling it in the rear dining area whilst it was in bed configuration.

I have had time finally today to sort most of it out and put the stuff I won’t be using everyday under the floor and get most stuff into the overhead cabinets.  The van is starting to feel like home now.

I have already started meeting new people and have had no serious problems at all.  I love working in the van with an outside view on 3 sides it makes going to work an absolute pleasure now.  Skype is turning out to be a fantastic bit of technology and makes supporting my clients so much easier.

I think the battery bank I have is proving to be overkill for my new slimmed down setup.  I used to have a DataStorm dish but that went some time ago.  I have been off hookup now for 3 days and only 10% of the battery has been used.  That is after using a full bore domestic electric iron to do my shirts with and running my computer etc for 3 days.  Almost 1000 AH of battery capacity will be more than enough for most people I think.

I am currently at RAF Coningsby visiting my sister and it is a beatiful little town/big village.  Plenty of food places and some really nice pubs.  I am going to spend some time here getting to know my nephews.  After here I have no plans at all and will just go where my van takes me.  I am really happy so far with the decision.

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