A full rebuild in less than a month.

On the 12th of April I went to Magnums to get the MDF boards and we pretty much rebuilt the Bus from there.  Here are some photo’s of the progress.

Stripped Down

Stripped back down to the core framework

This was the next stage on the previous build.

2nd build out. This didn't last long.

We got a little bit more installed than this but I didn’t take any photos.

Next comes the current build.

The problem I have at the moment is that my house is in the process of being sold so I have had to empty the garage out.  My brother in law got promoted and posted so the stuff I had stored at my sisters had to be cleared out.  My bus is now my workshop, home and storage warehouse so it is very cluttered and very messy at the moment so excuse the state.

New work area but being redone.

This is my work area,  you can see the Victron Power management system in blue at the bottom right hand corner.  This is going to be boxed in.  The shelves at the top are being redone as per previous post and once the new front is fitted this area is all but finished.  The black curtains (sheet) to the right will have a white window blind fitted.  The right hand door panel is just a bit of wood screwed over to stop stuff flying off when I was driving.

Main entry door.

As you can see it is still a work in progress and very cluttered.  The wisa ply you can see to the left is the original bus door covering.  This will be coming out and a properly insulated piece of wood put back in its place.  The top of the door frame will be straightened out and a two part door fitted here.  The door will be split down the centre and fold up to the right hand side.  I also need to glue the end piece to the computer desk.

The cushions you can see in the bottom left are going and this area will be my new lounge style bench seating.

Looking towards the back of the Bus

As I said a total mess.  The blue cable is a temporary light for the bedroom area which you can just about see through the temporary curtains.  This picture is really to show the new walls which are looking much better than the previous ply effort.  The air vent on the floor will be run under the false floor shortly and the boxes to the bottom left are on the other bit of bench seating.  The temporary curtain the separates the bed area is there for my privacy as the windows over the sink don’t have their blinds fitted yet.

Just through the curtains on the right hand side is a 1mtr wide wardrobe which has the boiler under it.  To the left is a changing area which has a load more storage up the toilet room wall.  Under the bed which is 4ft wide is storage the full width of the bed although this also has the fresh water tank in .

Once I have built the cupboards in the bed area and can get more stuff stored away I will take further photo’s.

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