Big bigger or tiny 2

I moved from a 8mtr Eura to a Bus who’s internal length was much longer due to better internal layout as much as to its bigger size.  Unfortunately i have to plan every thing before I make a move.  The Eura was really comfortable but seriously badly laid out for a single guy hence the self build direction.  The bus hasn’t worked out as it is as restrictive as a house for a fulltimer.

The new van is a LWB Fiat Ducato and it only measure 3.5Mtrs in length internally for the living space.

The upside of the small van is I can go anywhere at any time including the supermarket without planning.

The downside is I really really really have to sell everything I own. I can’t carry more than a small handfull of books. The CD’s are out the window along with the DVD’s. The physical photo’s are hard but they have to go as well. The push bike is going as is a bunch of other stuff that is really handy but only gets used once a month at most. There will be no microwave, no toaster and no full power desktop computer for when I am on hookup.

My new lifestyle will be move fast move often. But it means I have my clothes, my ebook, and my laptops and not much else.

It is quite liberating once I commited to it but the process was pretty tough to be honest.

Any way,  don’t expect a cuppa if you call on me,  my other 3 cups have gone in a skip.  I can’t cook a meal as I only have two hobs and two pans.  Well I can cook a meal but you will have to share the plate and knives and forks with me,  The table only seats one so you will have to sit outside.  However, I did this for me…  I can get on my European tour, learn some languages and see some sights.   I may miss out on the very rare occasion when someone wants to visit me but my travels are going to be much smoother and easier to organise.

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2 thoughts on “Big bigger or tiny

  • Clive (a.k.a. Tinker)

    Just a thought, I know your reasons for the downsize regarding accessibility etc and the small van will make things a lot easier, but are you sure about getting rid of your bike?. In Europe you can live really cheaply and park-ups are easy to find especially if you don’t want to stop in the centre of things & that’s where the old push-bike comes into it’s own.
    Great blog/site by the way
    all the best.
    Clive (Tinker)

  • Gromett Post author

    Thanks for the kind words, I have let it slip recently due to not having a desk to use my computer at. The desk should be in later today/early tomorrow so I should have time to update it and put the new pictures on.

    I am definately getting rid of the bike as carrying it will be too much hassle in the small van. I am quite happy walking everywhere to be honest. I am familiar with france and have a bunch of aires I stop on regularly within walking distance of at least a bar/cafe and bakery etc.

    The new van will fit in a supermarket parking bay so getting to the shops will not be an issue anymore 🙂