Busy day but no progress on Bus. 1

Today I worked in the Workshop helping finish some solid oak/steel gates that were on a short deadline.  The damn things were so heavy it took 6 guys to lift them.  Learnt a few more wood working tips though that I may use on the Bus which is a bonus.

I have now refined my plans for the kitchen area a little more.  I will be putting 3 sliding doors across the whole of the kitchen work surface/cabinet.  The two outer ones will be on the rear rail and the middle one on the front rail.  I can slide the front one either left or right and the back ones obviously only in one direction.  The beauty of this plan is that it will cover the fridge which is a second hand one and that fitting 2 rails (top and bottom) is a lot quicker and easier than fitting half a dozen doors.

Talking of doors the sliding doors will be made of a thin grade ply with a solid pine frame that will be routed to a pleasing shape.  For those of you thinking “But won’t the doors jump off the rails when you go over a bump.  They would indeed so what I am doing is fitting a front panel over the piece of wood that the rails are mounted on to stop the doors coming out forwards.  This panel will be a long strip that goes all the way from left to right and over hang the door by about 1 inch preventing it falling out forwards.  The internal shelves and uprights will prevent the doors jumping out backwards.  To stop the doors sliding when I am driving I will be using a recessed locking mechanism yet to be decided on.  I have a couple of choices but no firm decision will be made until the doors are in and I can see how they work.  The rails I am using are from screwfix.  I have ordered them and they should be here Monday.

Tomorrow I will be finishing varnishing the entrance door and carcassing out the kitchen area ready for the sliding doors.

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