Cat Followed Me Home

Coming Back from the Pub last night a cat was meowing in the footpath,  so I stopped to give him a quick fuss.  It was 1:30 in the morning and I was drunk so it was a quick fuss and I started walking again.  The cat ran ahead of me and meowed some more.  Another fuss, repeated once more and I told it that was enough and I got a good stride on.  It ran after me, so I stopped and shoed it away, it shied away and started walking back.

After about 5 minutes walking at a brisk pace I hear the meow again….

Anyway to cut a long story short it didn’t matter what I did that cat followed me a mile back to my van,  jumped in and went to sleep on my sofa.

I have put signs up around the area where the cat found me including the newsagent, chipshop etc.

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