Catch up post 2

I have had a really hectic week.  The campsite owner overbooked for this weekend and for some reason expects me to move so it was a mad panic and at some expense I got the Bus road legal.

On Friday I drove to Retford to the solicitors to sign a batch of paperwork for the sale of my house.  As I still haven’t got round to looking at the diesel cutoff valve problem I was expecting it to play up.  Fortunately it didn’t.  However the drivers side windscreen wiper decided to play silly buggers and tried to wipe the side window.  I finally managed to pull over, got my spanners out and fixed them before continuing on.

There were plenty of crashes and bangs from the back as I drove but due to engine noises I pretended I couldn’t hear them.  The interior of the Bus isn’t finished yet and I am lacking in storage space so when I arrived at Retford and looked at the living area everything was on the floor….  Only one wall joint had given way which was encouraging and very easily fixed.  The rest of the walls and structural stuff is so solid I think it would survive a crash…

I now have the electrics in except for the 12V lighting.  I will do a separate post on my electrics system.

The plumbing is now finished and the shower is fully working although still needs the roof tiling.

I fixed the boiler, the connector for the fan had come disconnected so although it would heat water I couldn’t get any hot air out.  That is all ok now and I can start running the heating pipes now.

I quite like the panoramic views the large bus windows give you but they are proving to be a pain to mount blinds on.  I will be leaving this until I plate over them all.  I think that’s my next job.

I have sprayed two panels at the rear of the bus that were really grubby and battered and using just cheapo aerosol paint.  The result is pretty good to be honest and I will do the rest of the bus myself.  Each tin is only costing £3.99 so I think that 20 tins will finish the job so total cost will be £80.00.

I am now looking for a supplier of 1.2mm sheet steel that is powder coated on one side.  If anyone can recommend a good reasonably priced supplier in Lincolnshire I would appreciate it.

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2 thoughts on “Catch up post

  • FragUK

    Hi Karl, I have been following your bus build
    sounds like your doing a good job so far.

    I have a question for you if you dont mind,

    I have the chance of buying a 1989 4.0l TD Toyota Optimo bus, part converted to motoahome, but iam a bit worred about parts avauble for thes buses,
    and how reliable are the engine’s do you know ???

    any help with info on the ubove would be graet.

    Thanks Ken.

  • Gromett Post author

    I am sorry I have no knowledge of that bus. I didn’t even research mine enough before I bought it (oops). Luckily the Optare I have uses a Cummins Series B engine which goes for miles and parts are easy. As to the rest of the bus I am going to worry about it when I have to. Probably not the wisest move but…..