Clattering Noise Update…. 2

I went to the garage this morning but they were too busy to fix the fault.  However they could spare 5 minutes to look at it to see if it was going to be expensive.  It turn out the retaining bits for the rear nearside drum brake had come apart and it was these rattling around in the rear wheel causing all the (LOUD) noises.  It honestly sounded like the van was falling to pieces.

They ordered a new retainer kit and will be  fitting it tomorrow morning.  Due to not being able to drive it today I am behind schedule so won’t make it to the Peterborough show until Friday.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone there (If I can find you)

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2 thoughts on “Clattering Noise Update….

  • Gary Box

    Hi Karl,

    We have spoken before and trade links on our blogs. Wanted to pick your brains about something. I have a Hymer B564 1998 which as of next year will not comply with the London LEZ. I cannot really afford another similar model that is post 2002 registered so need to consider my options.

    I currently work within London and no campsites close by. I’m happy to wild camp though and know of a few quiet and safe locations, one only 5-10 minute drive to work. I’m thinking of downsizing slightly to a panel van. I need somewhere to sleep, a desk to work at and eat at, small cooking area and a toilet and small shower. Since I’m 6’2″ I guess I need to be looking at high top LWB vehicles but need to look around at options.

    It would seem the cheapest way to get something post 2002 that would comply would be to do a self build. Not having any experience do you think vehicles built by other self builders come up for sale very often? Would self builders from the SBMCC be worth contacting and would any of them be likely to help for payment?

    Hope life is treating you well.


  • Gromett Post author

    They do come up for sale on the SBMCC quite frequently but you would have to be aware that these are custom build and the layout/facilities are probably not going to match what you want.
    I am guessing your van is probably worth around £20,000? With a budget like that you could make a cracker of a van probably a lot newer than 2002. However you would probably want to build the new one before selling the old one which would make things tricky for finances.?

    It is possible with some hard work to get a van liveable within 6 weeks.

    If you are practical and logical a self build is not hard to do and the assistance from the SBMCC is brilliant.

    Because of your height it is unlikely you would be able to get a satisfactory bed across the van so you would need to look for layouts that have a bed down the length of the van.

    I think some people may assist either voluntarily or actually do jobs for cash. However they are not legally allowed to do the Gas or Electrics as I understand the law and this is likely to be the area where you would probably want others to do it.

    I will contact you via email with some suggestions.