Data usage on 3G

I have had an orange data dongle for 6 months now and not used it in anger.  I have been lucky to have had access to WiFi and even an ethernet connection in one place.

Internet access is absolutely critical to me which is why I am saving for the Alden Netmaster before I start my European wandering.

So how much did I use?

I have been absolutely nailing this 3G card.  I have just come to Louth for a school Reunion on Saturday and since then I decided to stay in town.  I have been doing all my work which involves managing servers, Answering tickets and processing emails.  In addition I have been constantly on Facebook talking to friends, looking at,, and  I have downloaded a few smallish patches and a couple of songs off iTunes.

My daily usage comes in at under 100Mb a day download and 27Mb Upload.  So far since Saturday my usage has been 259Mb down and 73Mb up.

Now if you don’t download stuff and are not on it all day like me then you will use a lot less than this but this should give you some indication of what it will cost.

Please note,  I strongly advise you to check for software and windows updates before you set off and install these then turn any automated downloads OFF.  Remember to turn these back ON when you get back.  You don’t want to find that you forgot to disconnect and it did a massive windows download for you while you slept >.<

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