Durham Ox CL Horncastle – Not recommended. 1

This is the first time I have been to a CL that I will never go back to and have felt the need to make a post about.

Durham Ox

First off the Site itself is nice enough and the pub is pleasant enough however there are enough issues….

We booked in ahead of time and turned up on site.   The fences were marked with pitch numbers and marks to delineate each pitch so I pulled into the one farthest from the entrance which meant my friends could take the next pitch in.  They turned up and once settled we went in for a meal.   The staff were friendly but the pub only served one beer which is mildly disappointing but not the end of the world.   We found a seat and after a while the waitress came over to get our food order.   It took over an hour for the food to arrive and when it did there were problems but as the staff were so busy and it was past 9pm we decided to let it ride.  The biggest problem was that the pastry on the pie was literally still raw and had been covered in gravy to hide the fact.  There were other issues but nothing that couldn’t be scraped to the side of the plate.  However come 11pm on a Friday night we were made to feel slightly unwelcome and we decided to go back to the vans.

The next day my friends decided to go for a walk into town but I stayed behind.  A motor home turned up and tried to squeeze between us which would have left very little room either side and absolutely no privacy whatsoever.  I went out to find out what was going on and politely pointed out that the fence had pitch markings.  The gentleman told me he had been told to park like this and they were going to run a cable from the garage for him…  I was really unhappy about this and in the end we organised ourselves and I lent him my long cable so he didn’t have to park so close.  Turns out the owner had in fact told him to do this as there were only 4 marked pitches on the site and 4 available power points.

That night we decided to forgo the meal after Friday nights meal disappointment. But we did go to the pub to drink in comfort and spend more money with him.   Again at the end of the night we were made to feel quite unwelcome.

Now on a Sunday we all like to have a lie in and we have never been kicked off a CL before and we normally hit the road by about 1pm.  I woke up at about 11am and after coming round for a few minutes I put the kettle on, performed my ablutions and got dressed.  I made a coffee and went outside to have a smoke and a chat with my friends.  What happened next beggars belief.   The owner came across and basically said we had to be off by 12 o’clock or we would be blocked in and would have to pay another nights fees.   This was at 11:40 giving us just 20 minutes to get sorted, pack up and move out.  He is telling us this after we have spent well over £200 that weekend in his business and were potential return visitors.  There was no niceties or negotiation involved it was pretty blunt.

If he had notified us the night before or at booking in time that he wants us off his property at mid day on Sunday we could have gotten up a bit earlier and not drunk so much in his pub the night before.  His attitude stank and I won’t be going back ever again.  It wasn’t as if he had more bookings for the site as his excuse was that the pub car park fills up for Sunday lunch and we would be blocked in by customers.  It just didn’t make any sense.

PS:  I hear there is now new management so don’t let me put you off trying it.  The new boss may be a much nicer person and if so it is a good spot to stay for a weekend.

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One thought on “Durham Ox CL Horncastle – Not recommended.

  • Andrew Perry

    We are returning to the CL this weekend. the existing owners are very accommodating and we found the food and service to be of a good standard.