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I ran out of bottled water last night and couldn’t have my early morning cuppa so I decided to crack on and install the water filter.  After 5 minutes of reading the manual I put the manual in the box and dived in.

There are 4 drawers under the sink which I removed 1st and one thin drawer that goes from the top to the bottom.sinkdrawers

With these removed I could see two identical pipes running down the back wall.  I could also see that the full height drawer had plenty of space behind it at the top for the filter to be mounted.  The first question was which was the hot pipe and which was the cold.  I decided to switch the boiler on and run some water through it to feel which was hot and which was cold.  This worked but came back to bite me later on.

After turning off the water pump I switched on the tap in the sink and in the shower,  I put the shower head on the floor hoping to get a little bit more water out and it appear to work well.

I then decided where to cut the cold water pipe and I had made the first stroke with the saw and thought “Hold on a second this pipe looks thin”.    I got the T-Piece and held it up to the side of the pipe and it didn’t look as though it would fit.  I didn’t want to risk ruining the pipe as I had no way of getting a replacment if it didn’t fit.  I was about to give up but noticed the connectors at the bottom of the pipe.  I had not see these before but after a little fiddling realised that the bit of plastic sticking out slid out and the pipe just came out nice and easy…..

Water started flooding out of the pipe from the floor and I quickly put my thumb over it.  My sister was outside with her kids so I shouted for one to come in and help me.  I asked him to get a pan out of the cupboard and pass it to me.  He did this and we were sorted or so I thought.  The pan filled up so finger back over the hole and asked my nephew to empty the pan in the sink.  After about 10 seconds my finger started to burn so I asked “where is the pan?”  “It’s in the sink where you asked me to put it” came the reply.  Doh!   Not having dealt with children before when doing DIY I didn’t realise you have to cover all steps with them.  I got him to put the pan back under and nursed my burned thumb.  The pan filled up again much to my consternation.  How the heck was hot water getting into the cold water system and where from.  Anyway full pan again so I told my nephew, “please empty this pan into the sink as quickly as possible and pass it back to me as the water is now scalding hot and it burns me”.  Poor lad in his rush to empty the pan caught the pan on the edge of the sink and spilled a load of the very hot water down my back…..  I had had enough now so as quickly as I could I pushed the pipe back into the fitting hoping it wouldn’t leak.

Luckily it didn’t so time to think.  The only place the hot water could come from was the boiler.  Looking at the boiler I realised it was at a higher level than the floor level pipe connector I had taken out.  So the hot water was draining back out of the boiling into the inflow connector and out the cold water system.  I pushed the drain valve and waiting for it to empty.  When I next disconnected the pipe a small dribble came out and then stopped.

The rest of the job was pretty straight forward.  I pushed the T-Piece into the pipe where I had cut it.  I screwed the filter to the back wall of the vertical drawer  and connected all the pipes.  Drilling the hole in the work surface was straight forward and the tap fitted nice and cleanly.

After running the new tap and filling up the large pan twice I was ready to test the water.  It tasted good and was noticably different from the normal tap.

So although the fitting of the system is very easy and easily managable by anyone with a modicum of DIY ability I have a couple of tips for you.

  1. Run the hot water tap to ensure you fit it to the cold water one
  2. If you enlist any help ensure that they are either competent DIY’ers themselves or you give clear instructions.
  3. Before disconnecting any pipes ensure that the water system is empty including the boiler.

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2 thoughts on “Fitting a NaturePure Water Filter

  • john cartlidge

    hi there gromett
    hoping to fit a nature pure water filter with tap
    to mr compass classique 200. bit confused my duel ssink tap is fitted with a micro switch so if i fit a nature pure tap will it work without micro sswitch hope you make sense of this thanks

  • Gromett Post author

    You need to buy the nature pure with the switched tap. If you put the unswitched tap on a switched system you will get a dribble of water then it will stop.
    I did this on my previous vehicle and had to switch the main tap on just enough to activate the switch in order to get water out of the nature pure tap.