Full day of hard work today

My friend with the Joinery business kindly let me have a workbench today and the run of his workshop.  It has taken my 9 hours but I have finally finished the entry way door to replace this mess.

Main entry door.

This involved cutting 2 sheets of 12mm ply into a shape that would fully fill the entry way and it was  a weird shape.  I then cut the door shape out of the full sheet, I say door shape as it has a slope on one corner.  I then had to cut a load of 25mm wide strips out of 12mm ply.  These were then glued and nailed to all the edges of one sheet to give me a tray shaped sheet of wood.  A quick trip to Travis Perkins for some kingspan or its equivalent which turned out to be much cheaper than I had paid for at Jewsons at  just over £12.   I cut this and filled the tray shapes and put the other piece of ply over this.  My door frame is now a fully enclosed box of 12mm ply filled with kingspan.

The wood removed from cutting out the door shape was now split down the centre and more 12mm ply glued and nailed to it.  More kingspan was then glued into this and the other side glued and nailed on.  Next it was over an hour of sanding with an industrial sander to get all the sides fully flush and the faces looking pretty ready for varnishing.

After this was done it was time to mess with piano hinges.  I had two of these 2mtr pains to fit.   After figuring out which way round and on what faces to attach them I clamped the to halves of the door together.  I then put a screw in each end.  After screwing in the rest of the 40 odd screws I stood the doors up only to find that the piano hinge was all over the place.  To cut a long story short I ended up messing around for another hour getting both hinges fitted.

Boy that was hard work.  I then stood it up and attempted to close it.  I say attempted because the top of the doors rubbed and wouldn’t close properly.  Back to the industrial orbital sander and 20 minutes later the doors shut.  Somehow though there was a 14mm gap down the side.  A quick run round the workshop found me a piece of timber close to what I needed.  Chop sawed it to length,  circular saw to get the width right, big planer to take 12mm off the depth then onto the surface planer to take 1mm off each side to make it square and flat.  I then glued and nailed this to the edge of the door.  The colour doesn’t quite match the face of the ply but a little stain and varnish tomorrow should see the job done.

Tomorrow I see if I can get it into the Bus and fit it.  I am grateful to my friend as if I had tried to do this using hand tools and without the advice of expert it would have taken me a full week not a day and would have looked crap.  As it is it doesn’t look too bad and only took me a full days hard labour.

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