FullTiming in a Self Built Motorhome

It is getting closer to my self imposed deadline to get this project on the road (so to speak) I wanted to be in France for May and I anticipate it will take around 8 Weeks for me to get the base vehicle livable. My house has had only one viewing and that guy came in the frontdoor said “Not Good Enough!” and walked back out. He did this without even leaving the entrance hall. It is looking as though I will have to lower the price just to get rid of it.

My decision to go for an Iveco 75E150 has now totally solidified, with all the previous doubts now gone. I did look at very large panel vans and enquired about a few coaches but for various reasons these were ruled out.

I need to have the vehicle and start work before the end of february so I am now looking at buying it before the house sells so I can make a start on it. For those that don’t know the Iveco codes the 75 Means 7.5T in weight. and the 150 is the power rating. Not sure if 150 is BHP or some other measurement but a friend who knows about trucks told me the 120 would be underpowered for long distances.

I really can’t wait to get on the road and be free finally…

I have found some nice blogs regarding fulltiming that make for very interesting reading.

Odiesroadies gave me plenty to read but it is worth starting at the oldest post from selling the house

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