Getting there at last.

I made some more progress today,  I finally sorted out the leak that has been plaguing me for a couple of weeks now.  It was the fresh water inlet to the boiler.  The leak was on the top of the connector and it was spraying upwards hitting the base of the boiler, rolling towards the back before dropping down.  This made it appear that it was something under the boiler.  I spent about 2 hour stripping the whole thing down to find this out.  Sods law.

I got the shelves built for  for the bedroom above the gas locker box.  I now have somewhere to put my clothes other than stacked a metre high in the wardrobe.

I re-routed the shower waste pipe so that I can close the doors which means the bus is going to be a little warmer tonight.

I sanded and applied the second to last coat of varnish on the doors that separate the living area from the drivers area.  I will give it a very light sand tomorrow and apply the final coat.

Fitted the toilet roll holder, shaving mirror and towel rail.  They will need to come back down when I line the wash area of the bathroom though.

The list of jobs to do is getting shorter now and it is really only the big jobs that I need to save up for now.  The list for tomorrow looks like this.

  • Tidy Bus and sweep out.
  • Install junction box for lights and connect kitchen light properly.
  • Gas cabinet vents
  • Fit monitor bracket and devise a method of securing monitor for travel.
  • lower the computer desk by 5 inches. (little bit too high to use at the moment)
  • Make cover for Bus service panel.
  • Get some sticks like sh&t  and make rails for blinds.
  • Fit bolt to front door.
  • Order sliding door mechanism for kitchen doors
  • make trim for kitchen doors and bedroom doors.

The last job is a case of cutting some wood into strips about 2″ wide by 1″ high.  Cutting rebate along the length that the ply panels can slot into and routing a profile on the front.  I will make 2mtr long strips of this that I can just cut to size and mitre when I know the size of the doors.

Once the sliding door kit has arrived I will be able to see the depth and height of said fittings and fit out the carcass for the kitchen.  The doors will just be a case of cutting the lengths of wood in previous paragraph to size, mitring them and cutting some 5mm wood to size.  Bit of glue and nail gun to hold them together.  I reckon the doors will take about 2 hours to finish off and mount.

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