Job left to do.

There are still some major jobs left to do but I need to save up for them unfortunately as finances have not been kind to me.

The two big jobs are replacing the bus doors with a sheet of powder coated steel over a box section framework and installing a Motorhome style door in half of it.  The other big job is pulling out the glass in some windows and replacing with sheets of powder coated steel.  I think these jobs will be done nearer next winter when I may be able to afford the Seitz windows to go in them.

The other biggish jobs that still need doing are buying and fitting a grey waste tank.  I will need to get all the ancillary gear as well.  I will be fitting a Rule Shower Sump Pump at the same time to aid emptying the shower and bathroom sink.

I also need to save up for some new foam and material to cover them for the two bench seats.

The floors need lino and carpets doing as well but I am not doing those until it is nearly finished.

One other job that I need to look into but have not committed to yet is making a raised section in the roof in the bathroom over the sink.  It is just a little bit too low for my liking at the moment and an extra 4 inches would help considerably.  A raised section like this would not affect the overall height of the bus as the roof windows and other roof gear is already over this height.  I will try and get this raised section made from aluminium and bond insulation to it.  I will cut a hole in the roof then bond the raised box section over the top.  The only thing stopping me from doing this straight away is I need to investigate where the structural members are in the roof first and I have more important things to get done first….

Those are the big jobs that still need doing,  all the rest of the jobs are much smaller and can be done when I am on the road….

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