Keeping your life on the road organised with lists.

Just a quick one here.  I started using Google Keep about a year ago for my shopping list.  I can either enter items using or use the Android App on my phone or tablet.  They are all synced up automatically.   Then when I am shopping I can tick stuff off as I go round the shop on my phone.

As soon as I think of an item I need to buy I add it to the list on my computer.   When you tick an item off it moves to a section below the list.  Prior to going shopping I check the list out and move items from the checked off area back up to the list.  Since doing this I haven’t gone to the shops and got back home having forgotten the very item I went to go and get…

You can also keep multiple lists.  For us motorhomers this can be handy as you could make a take off and landing listing.  A list for a specific trip plus much more.

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below?  Or if you have something better please share.

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