Locked out

I stepped out of my van to speak to my sister today and the van door blew shut.    When I tried to get back in it was locked.  My keys were inside along with my mobile phone,  well with pretty much everything I own to be honest.  I tried everything I could think of to get back in and no joy.  I ended calling the RAC who eventually got the rear window open with a hell of a lot of effort.  Unfortunately I had left the screens shut so I had to rip these to get through them.  Thats £45 added to my weeks expenses.

I found the cause of the problem however.  When you lock the door from the inside by pushing the button in, it is supposed to unlock itself when you pull the handle to open the door.  However the pin that holds the push rod that does this had fallen out.  I have replaced this and it is operating as it should again.

Lesson learnt,  don’t expect things to operate as they should.  I now carry my keys on a caribena attached to my belt even if I am just stepping out for a second.

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