Louth for School Reunion 2

I am now parked at a wonderful CL in Louth called HappyFord CL.

It apparently has a heated swimming pool but as I don’t swim I won’t be making use of it.  The pitches are really well spaced and each have PowerPoint.  At one end of the site is a fresh water tap and at other is a dump point.  It is nice to see them separated for hygene reasons.  There is nothing I hate more than filling up from a hose that is close to a dump point and may have been used for purposes other than filling fresh water tanks.

There are two HUGE hard standings and 3 grass pitches.  The grass has been well cared for and almost looks manicured.  The Owners of the CL have stables and the site is surrounded by horse paddocks.

There is one very friendly horse that comes to greet you as you arrive.  It is a little jittery if you go near its face but does love its neck rubbing.

The centre of Louth has hardly changed since I was last here 22 years ago.  I still think it is a delightful town.  I arrived on Saturday and was only going to stay one night but I changed my mind and I will be here all week providing nothing goes wrong….

The school reunion was a blast.  Seeing people I hadn’t seen in 22 years and getting on immediately was great.  I am hoping to meet up with a few more this week.

The van as usuall is perfect the weather not so much.

Anyway, I highly recommend this site and it gets 10/10 from me.  Please note that the image below was taken before it became a CL

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