Montreuil-Bellay is a beatiful small town that is well worth a Detour to visit. It is on the River Thouet and has a very nice ancient Castle/Chateaux. Below the Castle is the River and in between is a small Park and Restaurant. There is also a very nice campsite and an Aire with Water and Dump Point. The dump point is a separate free standing unit for Black and a Drive over for the Grey.

The Chateaux at Montreuil-bellay

The Chateaux at Montreuil-bellay

There are ancient Bridges, and buildings. A wall with Arches surounds the town. It has 2 very good Bakeries and a number of bar/cafes.

Montreuil-Bellay is located just South of Saumur which is near Angers.

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