MOT Success and glow plug failure.

replacing leaf springs on van.

The van surprisingly passed it’s MOT.

None of the rust underneath was as bad as I thought and none of it is structural so I got a pass. There was a long list of advisories so I still have some money to spend this year. If I can’t get enough money together this year to buy a new van to convert I will be getting this all done during the summer.

I need a new exhaust, new front shock absorbers, one of the rear wheels needs the bearings sorting and then there is lots of welding and rust fixing.

After the MOT I had the van booked in to get the glow plugs replaced because the van is a git to start. It can turn over for so long that it pulls the battery down. I have to put the battery on charge for an hour and try again. Anyway, the garage had the glow plugs ordered in and after the MOT I drove it round to the next bay and the mechanic set to. After 5 minutes of looking he said this van doesn’t have glow plugs and pointed to a device at the top of the engine bay. This preheats the diesel and injects it for starting there are no glow plugs. On the upside this has saved me £105. On the downside I still can’t get the van to start easily.

The mechanic did some tests on the pre-heater and checked the relay which operates it and decided that they were working ok. He then said in his opinion the most likely cause is the injectors…. He suggested taking it to a Diesel engineer or specialist…

Oh well, that sounds expensive but I will need to get it sorted asap.

On the upside I can delay the welding till the summer which frees up a little of my budget for the diesel repairs.

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