New Electrical Plan

I have rejigged the layout of the bus again….

I am moving the main battery bank to the front of the Bus with the Victron power system.  I will have another small 100AH leisure battery at the rear.  The power will come in on the drivers side of the Bus and split 3 ways.

  1. To the Victron which will power a couple of double sockets Marked up in Blue.  These sockets are for the computer system and other non essential items.  This will be powered by the 4 x 220AH batteries.
  2. To a bunch of power sockets spread around the Bus.  These will be used for things like Hoovers, heaters and other power hungry systems that will only be used when on hook up.
  3. To a small charger at the back of the bus to charge the leisure battery that will power the Truma heater and the water pump only.

I am splitting the batteries like this so that the solar panel only has to charge the small battery that is used to power the truma boiler and the water pump.  It means that if I lose mains power the computer system will keep running via the Victron invertor system but if the main battery bank runs down I will still have enough power for heating, hot water and the water pump.

I am doing this because in the Eura I had a single power system powered by the Victron.  I lost hookup power due to a trip going on the campsite.  I didn’t know about this until the vans control panel beeped at me to let me know the batteries were low and switched off the 12v systems in the van.  No heater, no water pump, no lights and the computer ready to fail.  If I had known earlier about this I could have taken action.

The new system will allow me to keep the computer going on the inverter and not affect the operation of the truma heater and water pump.

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