One Month in

And loving it.

I am slowly getting into a routine around the van that is a heck of a lot more relaxed that when I had my bricks and mortar.  The biggest bonus I have found so far that I didn’t expect is how clean I keep the inside of the van and how little time it takes.  On sundays I now spend 20 minutes cleaning the inside top to bottom.  I wash the shower, sink and toilet all over.  I then Dust the entire Van, wash the cooker and kitchen area then hoover the whole van.  Finally I change the sheets on the bed.  That is the equivelent of a full spring clean for me happening once a week and it is only taking 20 minutes.   I couldn’t even hoover my entire house in that time never mind all the other cleaning jobs that needed doing.  Because I have less house work to do I have a lot more time to do the stuff I want to do.

I am slowly finding new places to store things and different ways of doing stuff.  For example I did have my umbrella stored underneath the van in one of the storage lockers.  It is now stored inside the van,  there is a hand rail inside the van that I never use and it wedges in that nicely with the added bonus that the spike stops the doormat moving around.

I am remembering to do all the little prelaunch tasks now without a cheat list.  Having the drawers fly out on first right hand bend is hopefully a thing of the past.

Not having a TV is proving to be a huge plus.  I cannot believe how much time I wasted watching that thing now.  It was a little hard at first and there were moments of boredom but now I have plenty of interesting or productive things to do and the extra time to do it in.

I still have loads to do on organising the van,  I had lots of books to sell and have to find a permanent storage spot for all my CD’s.  The extra cushions are using too much space in the underfloor lockers and I really must find a semi-permanent home for them somewhere.

Anyway all in all I have had a really good start to fulltiming and am looking forward to my life on the road more and more.

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