Painting Windows 6

I am eventually going to replace the glass windows with aluminium panels painted to match the rest of the body,  but with finances a little tight at the moment I have another plan.

I am going to paint the inside of the windows and line with KingSpan then 3mm ply.  Initially I was going to paint them white to reflect the heat of the sun and make them match the body work.

However, most people I speak to talk of doing it black.  I was in a quandry.  Here are two pictures I have mocked up (badly) to help me choose.


van-white windows

Which do you think I should do?  I think Black now.

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6 thoughts on “Painting Windows

  • Garryn

    I’d say the problem is the grey frames which would make white look odd however, think also what colour the final panels will be and will you eventually paint the frames? Whatever you chose cannot be easily changed and black is likely to cause unacceptable heat in summer. Is it viable to paint the frames or could you use graphics to distract from them. Personally if it was mine I’d either match the bus colour or use a contracting colour (compared to the frames) – light red, blue or grey.

  • Gromett Post author

    Thanks for that Garryn, good points. The grey frame is only on the emergency exit door and it looks grey but is actually a faded black which I can bring back to black I think. I have painted those two windows black now and they look good.
    I did put a white sheet up behind the windows and it didn’t look right as the paintwork of the van is too shabby at the moment.

    Anyway, black is the way forward for me at the moment.