Pros and cons of living fulltime in a motorhome

The opinions of my friends are very mixed from how exciting to you must be crazy. I try to explain it to them and over the last couple of month have got some good arguments.

Here are the Pros and Cons so far


  • Massively reduced outgoings due to the following
  • No Mortgage or Rent to pay
  • No Water/Electric/Gas Bills
  • No Council Tax
  • Don’t like my Neighbours I move the Truck
  • Follow the Sun (If I want to)
  • The world is my back garden
  • Less to clean
  • I take my house on holiday with me, no more hotel rooms 🙂
  • My home is layed out exactly as I want it.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • No more Junk Mail


  • Security is a concern but careful choice of parking should take care of that
  • Full time jobs may be tricky but I don’t intend to work for another company full time.
  • Recieving mail (and thats a Con how exactly?)

I am currently paying £1,100 a month just to maintain a house and thats before food, clothes, other shopping and leisure.

If you can think of any more pros or cons please let me know….

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