Review – Sheepskin, Beautiful and keeps you warm.

I bought this Sheepskin 6 months ago and thought it was time to review it.

I bought this on the recommendation of my Danish friend and I have to say it is much better value than the Duvalay I reviewed here.  It looks lovely,  it keeps you warm when you are under it and is delightful to lie on.


I have it on top of my lounge chair when I am lying down to watch a film, and I use it over my duvalay at night to keep me warm in winter.  It has held up perfectly with near 24/7 use in my van.  The only thing you need to do is give it a regular brush with a special brush.  The Duvalay was over £100 and I hate it.  This was only £40 and I love it.

The use that surprised me most though was in the evening when sat outside I put it on my chair before sitting down.  I find that I can stay outside longer and later as it keeps me warmer.  I now only come in when my feet are shouting at me that it is too cold.

Be aware though as with most sheepskins that you can’t wash it, and you do have to maintain it properly.  The brushing is essential.  However as I have said after 6 months of pretty much non stop use the only sign of age is that the back side of it is no longer perfectly bleached white and has some discolouration.  The top side however is almost as good as the day I bought it.  There is no fraying or damage to the edges  Even if it had only lasted me 1 year I would keep going back to get replacements.

You can buy this particular sheepskin from here.  They do it in 3 sizes.  I bought the large one.