Rule Shower Sump Pump and new toilet system 2

Because the bus doesn’t have a double floor and I am loath to undersling any water or waste tanks it has been quite a research project to find alternative solutions.

I was going to be installing a Gulper 220 from Cak tanks.  This would have taken the water from the base of the shower and pumped it up into the grey waste tank.  The problem was I would have to remember to switch it on and off and the location of it would have been tricky.  I didn’t realise this until I took delivery of the bus which has a raised area at the rear.

Whilst doing some research at a marine shop I found the Rule Shower Sump Pump This combines a Sump, a float valve/switch and a water pump.  Add 12 volts and it works automatically.  It also includes a one way valve which would have cost me extra as well.  All combined and it is still cheaper than the Gulper 220.

Some time ago I bought a Thetford Ceramic RV toilet that drops waste through a hole into an underfloor tank.  I have been fighting with ways to make this fit in the bus and whilst searching found this.  Whilst it means I now have a spare RV toilet and have to spend another £280 the installation will be much much easier and I won’t have to buy a macerator which would be around £200.  It has also simplified the internal layout of the van.

The double bed at the back of the bus will be raised high enough to fit in the following items.

  • Trumatic combi boiler
  • 2 Gas Cylinders (with suitable housing and ventilation)
  • 1 fresh water tank initially 155 Litres but will be 440 Litres once I have saved up a bit more money
  • 1 Grey water tank same as the fresh water tank
  • 60 Litre Black water tank.
  • There should hopefully be enough space under there to also store my bike and waste hog but I am not too concerned if this doesn’t work out.

Should I get too cramped for space then the gas cylinders will be moved under the kitchen sink.

Anyway that’s the waste system taken care of now.  Does anyone want a brand new unused Thetford Aqua V Toilet?

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2 thoughts on “Rule Shower Sump Pump and new toilet system

  • tinker

    Great site by the way. Just a thought, you may find it well worth your while paying the extra and fitting a bulk gas tank. It saves room in the van, no problem in the winter and more importantly a hell of a lot less hassel on mainland Europe where, if you move around a lot you can end up with 3 or 4 different bottles + regulators. The small camping gas 907 can be found just about everywhere but can be very expensive & isn’t much use in the winter. Plus autogas is cheap & you can top up a few pound/euros at a time when cash is tight.

  • Gromett Post author

    That is on the list of things to do but budgetary constraints means I have to do other stuff first unfortunately 🙁