Some nice features? Entrance Area

I have been looking at the big features of the van for some time now and decided today to look at a couple of smaller features.  Things that niggle in normal commercially built vans that I can do better in my self build.

Entrance layout

As the entrance to most commercial vans (well the ones I have seen) tend to be in the middle of the van there is not really a way of creating a practical separation between the entrance and the living area.  In my new ‘Bus’  the entrance is at the front where a passenger door would be on a normal van.  What I propose to do in my self build is to have this area dedicated to outdoor stuff.  There will be a seating bench with hinged lid.  I can sit here to change out of my outdoor shoes into my indoor slippers.  Under the seat will be storage for shoes and shoe cleaning gear.  Also at the entrance will be a place to hang 2 coats, an umbrella holder, a torch holder with charger.  I will also put slots for my shopping bags as I use the non recycle types which I always forget to take with me.

The entrance area will have a floor mat for wiping feet on over a non slip base floor.  I will be hopefully separating the entrance area/driver area from the rear of the bus.  My initial thoughts are to use insulated panels that can be removed.  This will allow me to either have the whole bus open or to close off the drivers area during the cold weather when I am not going to be moving for a while.

If you have any other suggestions for the entrance area please don’t hesitate to leave a comment 🙂

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