Stop start getting nowhere

Its been a strange couple of days,  Fri, Sat and Sun there were people on the CL so I couldn’t get any work done on the bus.  Monday was a Bust due to the weather and the weather forcast for Today wasn’t much better.  Kenny is coming round again tomorrow to help finish off all the shelving.  I decided to get the Gas installation finished today and that is now done.  Rather than routing under the Bus I have gone through the bus.  The reason for this is that the optimal route under the bus would have taken it just behind the wheels and a unlucky stone strike on the gas pipe could have caused problems.  Tomorrow I am going to run the hot air vents while Kenny cuts the wood for my shelving.  I am hoping tomorrow is much better than the last 4 days…

The upside of today is I am now happy cutting and bending 8mm copper pipe and I think it will look good once it is all clipped down.

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